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foreign Trade Salesman
Job description:
     Dongguan City Fu Yi packaging products Co., Ltd., is a company engaged in jewelry gift box for export and production of trade and Industry Co., ltd.. Company‘s factory is located in Dongguan City, Fenggang Province, Guangdong Town, Shenzhen City, a 25 minute drive, the company has an independent office in Shenzhen District, convenient transportation. Company engaged in foreign trade export industry more than 15 years, the products in the international and domestic market share stable share, in the industry has a strong competitive.
     Related foreign trade professional college graduated for more than 2 years working experience, proficiency in foreign trade flow and shipping business, strong language speaking and writing ability, can independently accomplish the single, documentary, and other work.
Other treatment:
The company‘s daily schedule for the nine to six, at noon, two hours of rest time. Holidays and other requirements in accordance with the requirements of the state. Once employed, the treatment is well.
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